Mak’s Story

About Makayla Noble

Makayla Noble is a senior at Prosper High School in Texas. On September 20, 2021, she was injured in a backyard tumbling accident which resulted in a severe spinal cord injury (SCI). 

Known and loved by many, the generous outpouring of support for Mak from friends, family and fans can be seen and heard around the world. 

Makayla’s cheerleading career began in Greenwood, Indiana when she was 10 years old. From a young age, her mental fortitude and unmatched work ethic combined with her natural athleticism and endearing smile paved a path to success. 

Following her family’s relocation to Texas, Mak joined Cheer Athletics in Plano earning a position as a flyer on the world champion, Cheetahs (Large Senior Coed Level 6). Mak went on to earn national honors, including the 2018 NCA National Championship and the 2019 Cheer World Championship. Mak achieved the honor of being named High School All-American for three consecutive years. 

Mak loves to spend time with her friends and family. She also loves to travel to Disney World and any warm, sandy beach.

Fun Facts

  • Mak’s favorite place to eat is Chipotle. 
  • Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is Mak’s favorite movie.
  • The University of Oklahoma is Mak’s favorite college.
  • Wear purple! It’s Mak’s favorite color.
  • Mak loves listening to Tame Impala. 
  • Makayla was recently baptized and is dedicated to growing in her faith.